Best Weddings of 2017

In 2017 I was lucky enough to see some amazing new Wedding venues I hadn’t been to before along with a few that have been favourites of mine for the last few years. It was a summer filled with love and great weather. It seemed that the good weather followed me this year as the were a few times we had downpours on the day before the wedding, but on the big day the heavens parted and gave us the kind of weather we needed to make a special day of it.

It’s also nice to see that there are many more unconventional and alternative weddings happening. The industry is changing, with many new ideas and plenty of couples trying out new ideas on their special day.

One of the stand out weddings for me this year had to be at Chateau de Lisse in Bordeaux, France. The venue is just out of this world, offering a private location designed for wine lovers. I could happily go there every weekend ???? Here is the Wedding at Chateau de lisse,

If I was to choose an Irish venue it would probably be Cliff at Lyons Nestled in Kildare countryside, it has a very secluded, private feel to it.

Here is the blogpost for the Wedding at Cliff at Lyons.

Photo Slideshow of the Best Weddings of 2017

I have hand picked a few favourites to put together a gallery of some of the weddings I was lucky enough to be the photographer at. There are so many more photographs I could have added, but for the sake of keeping it concise I had to really narrow down my choice.