Project Description

Jewellery Photography

Jewellery Photography falls under specialized photography. Being able to control light and reflections high-end items like, rings, watches, and pendants can be tricky if not handled by a professional. Here at Holst Photography the utmost care and attention is given to these luxury items to ensure that only the highest quality photos are deliver to clients in this industry.

We have worked with clients to photograph their entire catalogue of jewellery and precious metals and helped redesign their catalogue to bring a modern style to their marketing and media.


Viv is both an excellent communicator and photographer. His brief for our catalogue was both complex in its execution and under severe time constraints, but his commitment and dedication to the project ensured he delivered our product to an excellent standard and within the timeframe we needed it. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Viv for any visual commercial project you may need him for.


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