Hi there! Welcome to Holst Photography, your go-to Dublin-based photographer who’s all about injecting life and love into every frame. Now, let’s dive into what I can bring to the table for you.

As a highly skilled and experienced professional photographer based in Dublin, I am thrilled to introduce myself and offer my expertise in capturing your unforgettable moments through wedding, portrait, commercial, and engagement photography.

With a unique blend of artistry and a deep passion for visual storytelling, I strive to create stunning images that deeply resonate with my clients and bring their visions to life.

“Made us and our guests feel so comfortable and the results show that”

Niamh & Niall – Dublin Wedding

Wedding Photography

Weddings — they’re more than just events; they’re celebrations of love. I’m not just about snapping photos; I’m about capturing the essence of who you are as a couple. From the excitement of getting ready, the emotion-laden “I do’s,” to the joyous festivities that follow, I’ll be there to preserve your story with elegance and authenticity. I take pride in being unobtrusive yet ever-present, weaving through the crowd to capture those special details and moments of unspoken emotions. Your wedding album will be a testament to your love, a true representation of your perfect day.

“I could have cried with hap­pi­ness. They are just amaz­ing. Thank you for the whole expe­ri­ence.”

Eileen – Newborn Session

Portrait Photography

Expressing Individual Essence, Portraits have the power to beautifully express individual stories. Every face tells its story, and every gaze holds a depth of character, and I’m here to bring that out in striking detail. Whether it’s the infectious giggle of a child, the blooming glow of an expecting mother, or the defined look of a professional ready to conquer the world, my camera and I are ready to bottle that essence. Expect more than just pictures; anticipate a heartfelt experience that will leave you with images that resonate with meaning.

“Thanks, fantastic photos and for making a very stressful surprise proposal much easier”

Kyle – Engagement Session – Powerscourt Gardens, Wicklow

Engagement Photography

Onto the whirlwind of excitement that is engagements. If you’re bubbling with the thrill of what’s to come, let’s capture that! Dublin’s backdrop is ripe for romantic snapshots that sing the praises of your unique bond. I aim to create a relaxed atmosphere, so the connection between you both takes centre stage. We’ll chase the sunset, laugh, play, and perhaps even dance a little. The result? Engagement photos that are as natural and true as your commitment to each other.

During this special time, I am honored to capture the authentic connection and pure excitement that radiates between couples. Through a blend of candid moments and carefully curated settings, I create an atmosphere that allows your love story to unfold naturally. Let me freeze those heartfelt embraces, stolen kisses, and shared laughter that signify the start of an exciting journey together. Your engagement session will be filled with warmth, romance, and a reflection of your unique bond.

“Quality of his work is second to none, and he could not have been more accommodating.”

Kevin O’Connell – Commercial Photo Shoot

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography isn’t just business; it’s storytelling through a corporate lens. Whether you’re showcasing a new product line, building your brand, or wanting to send a powerful message with your corporate identity, visuals are key. I collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and market, crafting images that are not only aesthetically on point but deeply connected to your brand’s ethos. Let’s create imagery that’s not just seen but felt, and remembered, setting your business apart.

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And there you have it! Take a stroll through my portfolio for a taste of the magic. Each click, each image, is a chapter of a story waiting to be discovered. I’m super excited to hear from you and even more to create an awe-inspiring visual narrative that you’ll cherish dearly. So, let’s get together in Dublin or wherever you are in Ireland, and let’s make some photographic wonders.