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Family Portrait Session | Holst Photography Ireland

Tailored Look for Every Client

When you have a family portrait, you never regret it, only when you don't have one.

Children grow up quickly and cherish a moment when they are young is something they will always cherish.

As your family expands and more siblings come along, the children add energy to the portraits that liven up a home.

Sharing a moment between family while capturing changes, remembering the good times.

Family Portrait Session | Holst Photography Ireland

What to expect from your Family Portrait Session

During portrait sessions, children are encouraged to explore and be themselves allowing their own distinct personalities to shine through. If the weather is cooperating, there is a large park near the studio, if you are looking for an outdoor family picture.This can be fun for the kids and add a different spin to your pictures.

If you have any special requests or questions please contact me.
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Family Portrait Session | Holst Photography Ireland

Prepare for your Family Portrait Session

You should coordinate your outfits with one another. Matching clothing items is vital for the final look of the portrait. Use matching tones, i.e. all in white shirts, or earth colours. The most popular and effective style is white shirts and denim. This lends itself to both Colour portraits as well as Black & Whites.

Bring along a change of clothes in case of accidents with the kids. Make sure garments are ironed, as creases can distract from photographs.

Contact us for more clothing ideas if you are uncertain about what works for your session.

If there is a large group of grandparents, uncles/aunts, arriving on time will ensure the kids are still in good form during the session. Be sure to check out our portrait preparation page for tips on what to wear.

Family Portrait Session | Holst Photography Ireland

Book your Family Portrait Session

Photo Session takes place here at the studio in Citywest. There are a few choices available when booking your session depending on your budget and needs for the photographs.

Family Portrait Session | Holst Photography Ireland

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