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Newborn Photo Session

How special are those first moments your baby enters this world.
Everything is so gentle, tender and innocent, you wish they could stay like that forever.
We all try take photos with our phones and that goes some way to capturing a somewhat ok photo but it never quite seems to capture the beauty and softness.
A newborn photographer uses carefully crafted techniques to capture a photo that goes beyond just a snap shot, it’s a creative piece of art.
Knowing just how to pose a baby, use special lighting and props to create a photo that you will cherish forever is priceless.

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Ideal time for your Newborn Photo Session

Sessions are best within the first 2 weeks of your baby’s birth.
At this stage your newborn baby is mostly sleeping and not as aware of their surroundings and more likely to settle.
A good feed, clean nappy and warm cozy environment is all they need to stay sleeping.
Keeping your baby sleeping makes it easier to get those beautiful picture perfect photos without them moving around too much.
This time is also the ideal time to get your first Family Portrait while at the studio.


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“Wow, wow, wow! When the pho­tos of Cian arrived I could have cried with hap­pi­ness. They are just amaz­ing. Thank you for the whole expe­ri­ence. From the moment you entered the house it was like hav­ing a good friend call over. You are so warm, relaxed, friendly, cre­ative, imag­i­na­tive and your eye for detail is amaz­ing. It is clear your expe­ri­ence with pho­tograph­ing young babies and relax­ing their fraz­zled new mums!! The pho­to­shoot was a really fun, relaxed after­noon and to top that you have given me pho­tos I will trea­sure for­ever. We will with­out doubt see­ing you soon.”

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