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“Viv did an amazing job with our maternity and newborn baby photos. He understood our needs perfectly and went beyond with his ideas resulting in brilliant photos”

Aine ~ Maternity & Newborn Session

Tailored Look for Every Client

How special are those first moments when your baby enters this world? Everything is so gentle, tender, and innocent, you wish they could stay like that forever. We all try to take photos with our phones and that gets some way to taking a OK photo but it never quite captures the beauty and softness.

Newborn photography is a specialized art form. A newborn photographer uses carefully crafted techniques to capture a photo that stands out beyond a snapshot. It’s a creative piece of art of your baby that will forever show how small and precious your little one is.

The ability to pose a baby, use special lighting and props to create a photo you will cherish forever is priceless.

Newborn Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

Ideal time for your Newborn Photoshoot

Sessions are highly recommended within the first 2 weeks of baby birth. At this stage, your newborn baby is mostly sleeping and not as aware of their surroundings, making them more likely to settle.

During the Photo session

Additionally, this is also the ideal time to get your first Family Portrait at the studio.

Newborn Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

Prepare for your Newborn Photoshoot

A proper feed, clean nappies, and a warm cozy environment are all they need to sleep. You can take picture-perfect photos without your baby moving around too much if you keep them asleep.

Newborn Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

Book Your Photoshoot

Photo sessions take place here at the Citywest studio. There are a few choices available when booking your session depending on your budget and needs for photographs.

Newborn Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

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