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When I looked out the window that morning I knew we were in for a good day for this Leixlip House wedding. Sun was shining and barely any wind in the trees. In Sandyford, south side of Dublin was the location for the preparations that morning, so I readied my gear and headed to Lisa’s house.

The house was buzzing with family & friends, with a few lads finding themselves a quiet spot to stay out of the commotion. I got a few shots of details – Dress, shoes & flowers, which is pretty standard for me at this stage to get those out the way so that girls can get ready without me holding up the proceedings.

The girls started getting ready and helped Lisa get into her dress.


Once I had a few shots of folks mingling it was time to head to the church, Our Lady of the wayside in Kilternan. It’s a small, almost American style church set at the foothills of the Wicklow mountains, just on the outskirts of Dublin.

The interior was filled with light, so this was going to be an easy no flash day albeit slightly warm (hard to believe in Ireland).

I got a few shots of the groom and groomsmen, along with the Alan the Bagpipe player they hired to set the mood for the wedding.

The ceremony was like any other except warm with the stifling hot weather. The ceremony was kept short so guests could go and enjoy the weather.

Lexilip Manor Photoshoot

We made our way to Leixlip Manor for the photo session out in the gardens of the estate. It was lovely and cool, with the vivid greens adding a beautiful backdrop to the bright pink dresses of the bridesmaids.

We did all the families and group shots in the gardens and got a bit playful with the girls & guys during the bridal party session. It’s always nice when groups are up for a bit of craic (fun).

The rest headed off to the hotel while the couple stayed behind for a few last shots on the estate. One idea I spotted out in the fields when I arrived was the haystacks, with some lovely backlighting from the sun. This added a lovely warmth to the photos and airiness that I love about wedding photography.


We headed to the reception at Leixlip Manor to join with the guests. I moved around getting candid photos of everyone interacting. Dinner call was about to sound, so I said my goodbyes and left them to enjoy the rest of their day.

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