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Capture magical moments with wedding photography at Killashee House, where couples celebrate love amidst stunning elegance and natural beauty.

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Capture the Enchantment of Your Wedding Day at Killashee House Hotel

A Venue Where Nature Meets Elegance

Dive into the captivating beauty of Killashee House Hotel, a venue where your wedding day is set against a harmonic mix of modern elegance and the natural grandeur of woodland surroundings. This idyllic setting ensures every moment is wrapped in the venue’s unique charm, making for unforgettable memories.

Intimate Celebrations in Classic Surroundings

Killashee House Hotel stands out not only for its scenic beauty but also for its versatility in hosting weddings of various sizes. The original house, exuding timeless elegance, can host up to 100 guests, making your celebration both grand and intimate. The private porch entrance introduces guests to an atmosphere of luxurious exclusivity from the very first moment.

Seasonal Beauty in Every Corner

Within its walls, the Drawing Room and Parlour extend a warm welcome with their open fires and cozy nooks, perfect for winter weddings. Meanwhile, the gardens serve as a tranquil oasis for summer celebrations, offering endless opportunities for leisure and capturing breathtaking wedding photographs amidst the bloom.

Accessibility and Convenience

Located conveniently close to Dublin and easily accessible via the N7, Killashee House Hotel ensures your guests enjoy effortless travel to your special day. This ease of access allows everyone you love to be part of your celebration, enveloped in the warmth and grandeur of this exceptional venue.

A Visual Story of Love and Elegance

As your wedding photographer at Killashee House Hotel, I am privileged to document your journey through this remarkable setting. From the intimate moments of anticipation to the exuberant festivities, I aim to capture the essence of your day, weaving a visual narrative of love, joy, and the venue’s stunning appeal.

Your Timeless Wedding, Perfectly Preserved

Killashee House Hotel awaits to set the stage for your remarkable wedding day, merging natural beauty with contemporary sophistication for a celebration that’s seamless, heartfelt, and memorable. With a dedication to excellence, the hotel’s team ensures every detail is flawlessly executed, from the planning stages to the final send-off.

Let’s immortalize the beauty and emotion of your wedding at Killashee House Hotel, creating a collection of photographs that will be treasured for generations. Together, we’ll encapsulate the love and splendour of your special day in images that speak volumes.

For a celebration marked by elegance and joy