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Killashee House Civil Wedding Story

Killashee House Civil Wedding

Venue: Killashee House

Something in your eyes
Makes me want to lose myself
Makes me want to lose myself
In your arms
There’s something in your voice
Makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts
The rest of my life
If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I’ve been so alone
If you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you’ve done

It feels like home to me
It feels like home to me
It feels like I’m all the way back where
I come from
It feels like home to me
It feels like home to me
Feels like I’m all the way back where I belong
Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

“Aisling is my best friend …(sorry Keitho) and she is the first person I call to share the news with, good or bad! I can’t wait to go home to her every day and I love going to sleep beside her and waking up beside her every day! She is an amazing mum and step mum and always very kind, very caring and very loving…..she puts everyone before her she is really selfless…..sometimes to her own detriment….and that makes me want to protect her but it also makes me love her more…you see she loves to look after people and loves to cook chicken dinners….Aisling is very funny….but definitely not as funny as me….I laugh at her and with her but never at her expense….I laugh that she doesn’t get my jokes because they are really funny and I have to explain them to her….Aisling understands me more than most and she is the first person I really opened up to…she sees me for who I am and she calls me out when I Mess up and I need that and I respect her for it and she respects me….when I saw her first it was an instant connection and being with her has enabled me to be the best version of myself…to be a better man and that is all down to Aisling…I still have a few kinks to straighten out but I am sure she will sort them out…I just love Aisling…. one hundred per cent…. What can I say…she is extremely good looking, a perfect ten and she has the most beautiful smile…today I am so excited, I never thought I would ever get married, it’s just great and I can’t wait to call her my wife because I know what it’s worth and what it means…..”

“Jason is my best friend ….and he has a heart of gold, he is very caring and gentle and will go out of his way to help everyone and anyone before himself….and he is such an amazing dad to the girls…everywhere Jason goes he is the centre of attention, he is loud and talkative and extremely kind with a wonderful sense of humour….I have never known anyone like Jason before…he is so caring and so considerate of everyone’s needs…..and is always very much in the moment….he always says exactly what he feels and what he thinks there is absolutely no filter with him…he is brutally honest and I like that….in fact, I need it and we balance each other out I think! Being with Jason has definitely made me more confident, he is always supportive and encouraging of me…he stands up for me, he always has my back which has enabled me to believe in myself more…and I can tell Jason anything…and I do whether he wants to hear it or not….and surprisingly enough he listens to me….he is a great problem solver and gives great advice…..he is also very focused and very driven and when I am with him I always feel safe, I feel secure with him….you see I can be quite anxious and he always reminds me what is important in life…. he is my rock….he fixes everything so I feel protected with him…… I feel loved and I love him….I feel like we are already married and today is just like the icing on the cake, I am so excited that soon we will be a complete family unit and I can’t wait…”

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