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Carton House Wedding Story

Carton House Wedding

My morning started at Amy’s parent’s house where the girls were just about finished with hair & makeup and ready for some lovely prep photos.


Up in the loft, I found all the items for detail shots. The dress hanging in place shoes neatly laid out and flowers perched on the dresser. I got these shots out the way to spare time for shots of the girls interacting while preparing Amy, the bride. Loads of laughs and relaxed atmosphere resulted in some lovely spontaneous photos.

Once Amy was ready & made her way downstairs, I got what I look back on as the shot of the day, her walking down the stairs with her veil flowing behind her and a lovely warm light beaming on her from the window. I just love this shot, it just sums up weddings for me.


At the church, St Mochtas in Porterstown, a church I’ve photographed at before, everyone was gathered waiting for the big entrance. The doors opened up and in walked the flower girl, bridesmaids and most importantly father & bride, walking arm in arms beaming.

The ceremony was a lovely Catholic service with lovely readings from close friends and family. Vows and rings exchanged and the all important first kiss and the deal was sealed.


Guests made their way out into the sunshine and to the reception venue at Carton house in Maynooth, co. Kildare. With its impressive facade and luxury interiors, it never ceases to thrill and entertain guests.

There are an infinite amount of places to take photos in the venue, and being a golf course the natural beauty around is just stunning.

I started with the cake cutting shots, moved on to their personal session which was mostly inside, using a mix of some of the contemporary interiors along with some of the age-old traditional areas as the backdrops to their portraits.

Just before dinner call, the group shots of families and bridal party.

I left them at dinner call to enjoy the rest of their evening.

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