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Music has always been a passion of mine. From back in the days when I listened to records and memorize all my favourite lyrics and pretend to be a musician up on stage to learning to play guitar and becoming completely obsessed with it.
I can say with absolute certainty that my music won’t go anywhere and it’s purely a hobby but I still enjoy photographing musicians caught up in the moment of creating their art.
The dynamic nature of the arts is what draws me in, imagining a visual way to portray what music is will always be an exciting genre of photography to work in.

I have always loved taking photos at gigs and hope to do more in future,

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These are fantastic. Very striking captures and some really interesting themes conjured in the composites.
The back to back gives the impression of a duel = expectancy and tension.
I love the one where we are sitting.
The creases give great contrast between light and shadow. lovely!
Well done.

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