Bruce Springsteen Dublin RDS Arena

Bruce Springsteen ~ RDS Dublin

Being a life long Bruce fan, I was in my element when The Boss came to town. Realizing tickets were to go on sale soon, and knowing only too well how quickly tickets sell out these days, it was bound to be a fierce fight to get hold of a few for friends and family.

Having successfully obtained my tickets, we were set for the big day.

Queues being what they are at the RDS, it was well organized and the entry went smoothly on the glorious summer’s day.

Inside the grounds, you were welcomed by all the paraphernalia surrounding such events, Tshirts, albums, collector’s items etc.

We found a nice spot near the front of the arena, giving us a great view of the stage, along with the clear sound. Apparently, there were some issues for folks further back in the stands, none from where we were standing.

With the low hanging afternoon sun casting its light on the stage, the man finally arrived with his entourage to kick off one magnificent set. Having a small dig at events earlier that week in London where power was turned off on them during a set with Paul McCartney. Wow nobody does that to the Boss!

As the day moved along, the light dimmed and we were treated to some stage images, adding some mood to the gig. Many of the usual hits were played along with some of the lesser known tracks off the new album. The Arena was hopping with everyone singing along to their favorites. A young girl was pulled onto the stage to sing along with the Boss to “Waiting on a sunny day” much to the delight of the crowd.

With some clouds looming towards the end of the set, it looked like it could come down. Bruce not known for short sets kept going. Pretty impressive for an artist of his stature, giving some much to his beloved fans…. a reason why he is still hugely popular with the crowds all over the world!

Thanks Bruce for delivering a long time dream to see you live in concert.

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