Headshot Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

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Headshot Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

"a pleasure to work with Viv for our company Headshots. His work is excellent and very professional. "

Fiona, KDB - Dublin Business portraits

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Holst Photography offers in-studio or on-location headshots & business portraits depending on the needs and schedule of our clients.
With a portable lighting system, headshots can be photographed anywhere and allow for indoor and outdoor photos to give you as much variety as needed.
The background system allows for a high key, modern look as well as a darker, elegant portrait, depending on the final look you're after.

All this is discussed with our clients at the planning stages to achieve the look you're after.

Headshot Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

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Headshot Photographer Dublin | Holst Photography Ireland

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Prepare for your Headshot Photoshoot

At the studio, there are dark and light backgrounds available as well as outdoor options for a less formal style portrait.

Bringing along clothing that is formal and relaxed benefits you with a choice of style for your headshot. Business formal and business casual usually works to offer a good choice.

Headshot Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

What to expect during your Headshot Photoshoot

As mentioned above, there are different backgrounds, dark, and light which creates very different looks. The photoshoot is relaxed with the aim of keeping my clients at ease.

Headshot Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

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Actors + Personal Headshot Photoshoot

Whether you're an aspiring actor or just looking to update your Linkedin profile, getting your headshot right is key to getting noticed.
At Holst Photography there is a range of options. I find out what you are looking for and work together to get the look just right using different lighting & backgrounds.

Headshot Photoshoot | Holst Photography Ireland

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