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On the day of  the Trim Wedding Castle Arch Hotel, our morning started over in Castleknock at Caroline (the bride)’s house. With amazing light filling the interiors, I could grab a few detail shots. I spotted Fran (the groom)’s guitar that I thought would be nice personal touch to some of the detail shot, so included 1 with the shoes. We hung the dress up by the sliding doors of the kitchen where a lovely wall of summer sunshine was beating through. I love this backlighting effect, it gives a real ethereal effect to the wedding gown.

The little flower girl was super shy, but one of my favourite shots of the day of her holding a flower for granddad to smell, which made a lovely intimate moment between the 2 of them.


At the church, the lads were gathered in the sunshine looking in good spirits and ready for action. I took a few shots of the groomsmen roughing Fran up, all in the name of fun :)

The service was a lovely small intimate ceremony, with a low-lit interior. I used my flash during the ceremony, but sparingly otherwise it would’ve been too dark inside.


On the way to the Castle arch hotel in Trim, we stopped at the Trim castle for a short session with the bridal party. I love that area as it really offers a few great spots to get portraits of couples, the rugged landscape right in the centre of town feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

At the hotel, the guests were mingling so natural photos were the order of the day. A few group pictures of the family before heading in for dinner.

We stayed on till first dance before heading home.

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