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Knightsbrook Hotel Wedding Story


Our day started at Lydia’s parents home, where everyone was furiously trying to get ready for the big day. Paul was already busy with filming the details for the DVD, so was working his magic. I usually start by photographing the details first so I can concentrate on getting the guests interacting.


At the church, St Paul of the Cross, Mount Argus the church was already filled with friends and family. What a spectacular sight! The church is an outstanding piece of architecture, with great lighting, making for some awe-inspiring photographs. Lydia’s mother ( Catherine Byrne – Lord Mayor of Dublin 2006) sang a rendition of Sarah Brightman song which was very moving.


At the reception in Knightsbrook hotel, Trim co. Meath guests were entertained by Jamie Skelton: while we went off to get photos of the bridal party and couple.

The clouds in the distance were looming and was a constant reminder that the photo shoot needed to be quick and concise. We gathered the families together and got those shots out the way first.

The clouds did add drama I like in photos, by using a flash off camera I was able to exaggerate that moodiness in the skies. We headed back inside to finish up the couple portraits. There are some lovely nooks and crannies throughout the hotel that I love to use especially when there is a big window nearby.

A few shots of the cake and cake cutting before finishing up with a large group shot of all the guests from the balcony in the lobby of the hotel.

Paul was staying for the night to finish the video side of things, so I quickly edited a handful of photos to complete the images needed for the slideshow, something we offer couples as a bit of entertainment during the meal.

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