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Ballymagarvey Village Wedding Story

Ballymagarvey Wedding

Sharzie & Ian’s Ballymagarvey Village wedding was originally scheduled to take place in April that year, but with a setback in health their wedding was postponed to September, which worked out really well for them. They got great weather for it, and in turn some really beautiful photos.


I started at Sharzie’s family home, which had everyone working tirelessly on hair and makeup as well as putting the finishing touches to the decorations and flowers.
Their home had lovely sunlight flooding into the room giving beautiful natural light.

I focussed on the details of her wedding dress, flowers and bridal shoes before moving onto some spontaneous photos of the family. Once I the shots in the bag I made my way to the ceremony at Ballymagarvey village in the heart of county Meath.

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony had an interesting twist, having symbolism from the Muslim faith made for not only a deeply spiritual element, but also for me a really interesting visual element. I’m always really excited when the wedding ceremony is not your usual experience, it gives me so much to work with as the story of their union plays out.

Once vows were exchanged and the formalities were taken care of the guests were led out first to greet the couple outside with a shower of flowers petals.

Couples Photos

The grounds at Ballymagarvey offers a wide selection of locations for stunning photographs. Outside and inside the building offers so much with every detail carefully thought out, it offers photographers a wide array of options for photos of the newly weds.

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Wedding Reception Venue: Ballymagarvey Village
Wedding Band: The Seducers

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