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Cliffs of Moher are probably one of the most spectacular locations to visit in Ireland for Weddings, Elopements and Engagement Sessions. More and more couples visiting Ireland are choosing the location for their wedding. With a view that is hard to top, what better place to tie the knot and celebrate your union to each other.

I have been going to the Cliffs of Moher for many years since moving to Ireland in 2005. I have always been blown away by the scale and beauty of the place.

I have seen it in all types of weather. As much as I love the sunshine, seeing the cliffs in stormy weather can be just as awe-inspiring. It has drama coupled with beauty of the west coast of Ireland (Wild Atlantic Way).

One of the best ways to see the cliffs is to approach it from Doolin, a small village 5 km down the road. The hike takes a few hours to complete, but it’s impressive to say the least.

I would suggest to couples looking to be photographed at the Cliffs of Moher, pass the small tower and walking along the bay that travels north in direction of Doolin. Looking back at the cliffs from this vantage point will blow your mind. Given the right time of day, it would be difficult to beat the view anywhere in the world.

Given the weather in Ireland, I would advise watching the weather leading up to your photo shoot. The weather can be very unpredictable. The cliffs of Moher wedding I have photographed has had less than ideal weather. As I mentioned though, even the weather cannot take away from the beauty it delivers to photographs.

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