Q: When do we get to see our wedding photos?
A: Once all the editing has been done, within 2 weeks from the wedding day I have them up on your personal gallery. In the busy season it can take a week or 2 longer. You’ll receive an email with all the info on how to log in to your gallery to share it with friends and family. I have the disc ready at the same time when the gallery goes live.

Q: Do we get to see every photo you took on the day?
A: That would be tedious to yourselves. To make viewing your wedding photos a pleasurable experience, I eliminate every wedding photo that doesn’t meet my standards. Those that are out of focus, bad expressions, closed eyes and shots that are generally not flattering to the couple. I narrow down my selections to only the best wedding photos from the day. My Wedding packages explains how many photographs are included in each package.

Q: Are the photos edited?
A: Yes. Your wedding photos are fully edited and will be ready to share and print as you see fit. Have a look at the Love Stories Blog to see what the series of photos are likely to look like.

Q: How many photos will we get?
A: Every wedding I cover is different so there is no set amount. I aim to deliver 250-280 for a short wedding and 350-500 for a full day.

Q: What if you have never photographed my Wedding Venue before?
A: If I have never been to a Reception venue before, I do my research online to see what is available to me. I also aim to get to the venue early to scout locations I’d like to use for the photo sessions. All wedding venues are the same in regard to finding locations for the shots I have in mind.

Q: How long does it take to get our prints?
A: The turn around time is usually around 1 week, however in the high season (June-Sep) this can extend to 2 weeks

Q: Do you provide a photo framing service?
A: Yes, I have a photo framer that takes care of all my framing with plenty of options to customize it to your needs. The online gallery will also have a selection of frames to choose from, so you can mix and match.

Q: How long does it take to get our signature board?
A: At the end of the wedding evening, I take the signature board with me to be completed. The chosen print is mounted and sealed up by my framer. This process is usually around 2 weeks.