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City West Hotel Wedding Story

My day actually started a few days earlier at the Westcourt hotel in Drogheda where Divine & Eric had their civil ceremony. It was really more of a short minor ceremony to get the lawful side of the wedding out the way, and after a short drink reception where I was invited to take some photos of the guests with the couple.


On the day of the celebration & reception, my day started at Citywest Hotel at Divine’s room where the girls were preparing to get ready for the blessing ceremony. Spirits were high so getting the girls at their best was an easy job for me.


In the Ballroom of the hotel, the guests were already waiting for the blessing to begin. As the bridal party entered the room erupted with cheers and song from the family and friends. The ceremony was filled with music and touching words from the priest who led the ceremony.

Photo Session

Afterwards, we headed outside on a gorgeous afternoon to the last hole on the golf course for the photo session with guests.

During the dinner guests were treated to some great speeches by Joseph, Divine’s uncle and friends and brothers of Eric.


I met the band, Groove MAchine who provided entertainment for the evening. I got a few shots of them while the sound check was going on, being treated to a few Metallica riffs, bliss. :)

Shortly after the dancing kicked off. I was already setup with lights etc, so just had to get myself into place for the first dance. I photographed the next 3 dances and called it a day after, left them to enjoy the rest of the evening.

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