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Step House Hotel Wedding Story

Step House Hotel Wedding

The day started with Sophie’s preparation of the Step House Hotel.


When I got there the final touches on makeup and hair with being done.

The bridal suite had large lovely windows allowing through gorgeous natural light allowing me to shoot with limited flash.
I started as usual with all the detail shots of the dress and shoes and flowers and the lovely ornate ring.
I got word that Eric was at the local pub with his family and some of the groomsmen so I headed over for a quick photo session with them. I got a few nice shots of the groom and the lads along with the family.
By the time I got back to the bridal suite, Sophie was just about ready to get into her address and make the final adjustments before heading over to Boris house for their support ceremony.

At the ceremony

The ceremony took place in Borris House just across the street from the Step House, which made for a stress-free transit across.

Vows were exchanged in the intimate setting of the beautiful stone walled room with some natural light trickling through the windows near the front of the room.

There were lots of laughs which helped ease the nerves and made for some really natural photos.

Photo session

With the conclusion of the ceremony, guests greeted the couple to congratulate them. The light was perfect for their photo session, I’m a big fan of cloudy days during my work, it makes for a beautiful soft diffused light, making everyone look soft and open-eyed.

We started with the bridal party and some of their own first newly wedding photos.

There is a lovely bridge in the town that they wanted to use for some of their photos, so we made our way there to continue the session.

The views of Co. Carlow were just beautiful from there.

The Reception

Back at the Step House hotel, we continued with cake shots and photos of the guests mingling. It was a nice mix of friends and family. I always blend in pretty well with the crowd and get chatting to people once they hear my accent. Most guess Australia first :) South Africa is usually the last on the list of guesses :(

The details that Sophie & Eric focussed on making their day special, was lovely. Even the ones with their original wedding date (29-03-2018), but as you guessed they pushed the date forward when they realized they were expecting a baby.

The Speeches

For the speeches, I usually set up a flash off to the side that I trigger remotely so I can light the speakers while I get to move around capturing from different angles the main table and expressions of the audience.

The First Dance

Their First Dance was lovely. It was a conclusion to a beautiful day. I captured the first few dances, using some backlighting as I normally do, allowing to create a lovely glow around everyone, which is a nice addition to the ambient light in the room. I finished up and made my way home.

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Hair & Makeup: Lorraine Carraher, Hollywood Beauty
Wedding band: Tongue in Chic
Venue: Step House Hotel

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