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Brandon House Hotel Wedding Story


The day started at Paula’s home in Gobbinstown just up the road from the church. The light in that house is amazing!! I got so many great natural shots without needing any flash.

I took the detail photos in between moments of girls getting ready. The dresses were hanging up in the children’s bedroom which had some nice colours to the wallpaper which made for some nice contrast to the dress.

With light flooding into most of the house, it was a pretty much free choice as to where to photograph the flowers and shoes. I chose the stairs as it added nice linear pattern as well as some texture and earthy tones.


With the church being 2 minutes up the road, I stayed a little longer to get a few family shots before going to meet the lads at the church.

The church was filled to the brim when I got there and only moments later Paula arrived with her father in the vintage car.

The sunlight was so bright that morning, I had to really choose carefully where I was going to photograph everyone, so as not to have squinting eyes.

The ceremony was lovely, light-hearted and full of meaning for the couple. being local members of the church, the ceremony was very personal by their parish priest.


After the ceremony, we headed to the reception venue at Brandon house hotel, where we got some cake cutting photos and, later on, got the groups together for the photos.

Around dinner call, I headed back home.

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