Lyrath Estate Weddings

Capture your love story at Lyrath Estate, where 17th Century elegance meets pristine parkland for a perfect wedding photography backdrop.

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Lyrath Estate Wedding | Kilkenny | Holst Photography Ireland

Lyrath Estate Wedding | Kilkenny | Holst Photography Ireland

Elevate Your Wedding Day with Timeless Photography at Lyrath Estate

A Journey Through Historic Grandeur

Step into the enchanting world of Lyrath Estate, where the beauty of a 17th Century architectural marvel blends with 170 acres of untouched parkland to craft the backdrop of your dreams. As your wedding photographer, I am thrilled to guide you through the picturesque landscapes and historic splendor of Lyrath Estate, ensuring every moment of your special day is captured with elegance and emotion.

The Perfect Setting for Every Snap

The estate’s majestic architecture, with its ornately carved staircase and elegant interiors, offers a myriad of opportunities for capturing the essence of your celebration. From group photographs that feel both timeless and grand to intimate moments shared within the lush expanses of the gardens, Lyrath Estate embodies the perfect marriage of sophistication and scenic beauty.

Idyllic Ceremonies Amongst Historic Elegance

Imagine your ceremony held within the esteemed drawing rooms of Lyrath Estate, surrounded by the whispers of history and views of Lady Charlotte’s gardens. With capacity for up to 120 guests, these rooms offer a serene and picturesque setting. Yet, Lyrath Estate’s versatility shines, accommodating celebrations from intimate gatherings to grand events for up to 900 guests, ensuring your vision for the day is realized without compromise.

Receptions Tailored to Your Dream

From the grandeur of the Maginnes & McCurdy Suites with their breathtaking lake views to the cozy ambience of the Wine Cellar, Lyrath Estate caters to your every whim. The Pavilion extends an invitation for larger festivities, surrounded by nature’s embrace. Here, every detail is meticulously honed by the estate’s dedicated team, promising a reception that mirrors your unique style and love story.

Begin Your Forever at Lyrath Estate

As we wander the grounds and interiors of Lyrath Estate, your love story unfolds against a canvas of timeless charm and natural elegance. We’ll co-create a photographic narrative that speaks volumes, turning each moment into a cherished memory. With Lyrath Estate as our inspiration, we’ll encapsulate the beauty, joy, and boundless love of your wedding day.

Discover the splendor of Lyrath Estate for an unparalleled celebration of love.