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Hodson Bay Hotel Wedding Story

Preparations at the Hodson Bay Hotel Wedding

The morning of the wedding, the weather was simply fantastic. I really struck gold this year with weddings late in the season. It was still, sunny and warm for this time of the year.
The Hodson Bay Hotel has an amazing view overlooking the bay. The mirror-like surface of the water, and the morning sun hovering in the sky I knew we were in for a treat today.

I was just arriving when Lynda and the bridesmaids were arriving back from the salon after hair and makeup. Everyone was in great form and spirits were high.
I took some detail photos first while the bridesmaids started getting ready. It’s my favourite start to a wedding day. Seeing all the items brides have put so much thought and time into, making sure their wedding is just right. Her dress and shoes had the most beautiful intricate detail I hadn’t seen in a long time. Using the window light in really made, those details jump out.

Once the bridesmaids were ready, it was time to help Lynda into her dress. I set them up near the window where the sunlight lent a really nice high key feel to the images. With Champers flowing and ladies giggling, the vibe was great. I really love that dress, especially when I converted the photos into Black & white, it really has a timeless, yet classic feel.
It was time to leave the girls to finish up and go catch up with the lads.

Michael and his groomsmen were in great form, cracking jokes and raring to go. The details were matched with the bridesmaids dresses, a lovely rich blue that worked well together.
The bridesmaids transport arrived and Lynda and her father weren’t far behind. We all got into position for the bride’s arrival, the guests made their way into the church to take their seats.

The Ceremony

The walk down the aisle was a little emotional for the bride and her father. They both looked like they were on the verge of shedding a tear. It’s always touching when you see the emotions shift from moment to moment. From nervousness, tearfulness, giggles and pure relief, it always shows.

The priest who leads the ceremony had everyone in stitches. From cracking jokes to get everyone to do a Mexican wave, he really entertained the couple on their special day. Not only was the mood kept light, but also very personal. He’d known the couple for many years, which makes it all the more special.
With the vows and rings exchanged and register signed they made their way out the church to greet their guests.

The photo shoot

Back at the Hodson Bay Hotel, the light was dipping fast this time of the year. We headed out straight away to get some sundown photos of the bridal party down by the lake. What a setting it was!! Rich golden light bathing everything, and still no wind leaving the lake pristine.

The reception

We made our way back to the drinks reception for the final bit of work. I started with the cake cutting and moved on to the detail shots of the room. With all the photos in the bag, it was time for me to let them get back to their guests. The dinner bell rang, I made my way back home to Dublin and let the couple enjoy the rest of their evening.

Slideshow Video of Hodson Bay Hotel Wedding

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