How can we submit our photos to you for designing our wedding album?

After placing your order, you will be directed to our photo uploader, where you can easily upload the selected photos to your album.

How long does the design process take?

The design process typically takes 2-3 days. Once completed, your album design will be available for review on our proofing site. We will notify you via email when it’s ready.

What are the payment options?

We accept direct debit or credit card payments. Before we begin work on your album, a 25% deposit is required.

In what format should I send my photos?

Please ensure that all files are submitted in JPEG format, with a minimum resolution of 200 dpi.

Can we use watermarked photos?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept watermarked photos unless you prefer the watermark throughout your album. We recommend requesting images without watermarks from your photographer.

The uploader is not working for me. How can I send photos to you?

If you encounter any issues with our uploader, you can use WeTransfer to upload multiple photos together and send them to us.

Do you offer discounts for bulk wedding album orders?

Yes, if you place bulk orders together, we can offer a discount for all parties involved. However, please note that full upfront payment is required to initiate the design process.

What types of wedding albums do you supply?

We provide a diverse range of wedding albums, including material covers, wooden covers, acrylic covers, and leather covers. For more information and samples, please visit our Albums section.

What is album orientation?

Album orientation refers to the album’s shape when closed. It can be square or rectangular, depending on your preference.

What is the album page thickness?

The pages of our albums consist of photographic printed paper mounted on 800gsm sheets, with a thick sheet of cardboard between them. This construction ensures durability and allows the pages to lie flat when the album is open.

Do you offer cover stamping?

Yes, we provide cover stamping and embossing services. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your specific requirements.