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The morning of this Lucan Spa Hotel Wedding started off at Suzanne’s home where I was made feel welcome from the get-go. Relaxed atmosphere despite the flutter of butterflies in the stomach, the girls were having a great time getting ready. It’s always a breath of fresh air when a bride keeps a level head, it really makes my job easier :)

I got a few detail shots of the shoes, dress and flowers so as to allow Suzanne to get ready without me holding her up.
Makeup was still being applied so I got a few natural playful photos of that before everyone was ready to get going.
I got heading to the church to meet Niall and the boys.
Everyone was cheerful and in good spirits.


The parish of St.Philomena in Palmerstown where the ceremony was held, is a beautiful large open church with room to move.
The lads got Niall’s shoes with Tippex which sent a few chuckles through the church.
With vows & rings exchanged, register signed, they left the church as husband & wife to greet their guests before letting them go to the drinks reception.


We headed to the Phoenix park for the photo session, even though it was a little chilly, the bridal party rounded up for a few great shots.
The weather wasn’t the nicest but made the most of it. I love cloudy skies, the light is much softer and lends itself to much better photographs I feel
The reception took place at Lucan spa hotel where the couple were greeted with champagne at the drinks reception.
I got a few shots of guests mingling, cake cutting and a few family photos before leaving them to enjoy the rest of their evening.

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