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Hi. You probably have plenty of questions especially if this is your first wedding and starting from the very beginning.
Below are some of the most common questions I get asked as a photographer, just click the + to open the drop down list of questions.
Hopefully, that will give you a good starting point as to what to expect and maybe clarify a few questions you might have.
If there is something that you have in mind and it’s not listed, by all means, please feel free to give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help.


Q: What is your photography style?
A: My style has been described as a mix of contemporary with classical. This is to say, I have learned the foundations of photography, using strong composition with lighting knowledge to best portray my subjects. It can best be seen in my work, please view my Portfolio as well as the Blog.
Q: What is your philosophy regarding photography?
A: See my about page for more info.
Q: How many poses do we have to do?
A: On the day I like to keep it natural, capturing what I see happening during the day. There are times when I will suggest looking in a different direction so as to improve the shot. Usually, if there are any posed shots, I would find the perfect location and get couples to chat and interact the way they would naturally. Family & groups shots are usually set up, but these don’t take long at all.
Q: How long do group/family shots take?
A: I can have group shots done 15-20 minutes. Usually, I rely on family to get folks rounded up while we are doing something else with the newlyweds, that way when we are done, everyone is ready to go.
Q: How long will it take get to get the photo session done?
A: Time for this can vary from wedding to wedding. I try to have all my portraits and groups done in 1 hour. This will depend on if the shoot takes place at the venue or another location, how big the families are to be photographed and also if anyone is delayed.
Q: I’ve found some photos I’d like to recreate, can this be done?
A: Absolutely!! Send the samples ahead of the big day so I can work on getting it photographed on the day. I am always open to new, exciting and creative ideas.
Q: Can I see a full event from start to finish?
A: Sure thing! The weddings from beginning to end can be viewed on the blog: Click to View full weddings
Q: I am having a winter wedding, or my venue/church is very dark – is this a problem?
A: I have shot in many locations that have been dark. I can usually light the interior with flash which gives me great results. If flash is prohibited, as in some churches, modern cameras are capable of shooting in much lower light conditions than before, so I shoot with wide open apertures and high ISO (sensitivity of the camera sensor)

Q: Do you have liability insurance?
A: Yes. Many venues and photo session locations ask for this in advance of arriving at their premises. I am happy to provide this if need be.

Q: How can we reserve our date with you & how far in advance?
A: Once the booking deposit clears, your date is secured. The booking form link will be emailed over to get all your details of the day.It’s better to secure your date early. The wedding industry has sprung to life again in Ireland, with bookings coming in much earlier than before.
Q: How much to reserve the date with you?
A: A deposit of €200 secures the booking.
Q: When is the balance due?
A: The balance is due before or on the day. If lodgements are made into my bank account, please ensure it is made in advance of the wedding day so it clears on time.
Q: Do we get our deposit back if we cancel the wedding?
A: Unfortunately no. Once a date is booked it is closed to all other applications, this security deposit is then put towards loss of earnings.
Q: What if our wedding date changes, do we lose our deposit?
A: It doesn’t happen often but in the event it does, I will do my best to accommodate you on the new date if it’s still available, without extra costs. If however that cannot be done, unfortunately, the deposit is lost.
Q: Do you charge travel fees and how far do you travel?
A: Yes, if the wedding is far away, to compensate extra fuel and possibly needing to stay over.

Q: We live abroad/are very busy and cannot meet with you?
A: That’s no problem. Many of my clients come from abroad to get married. In these cases, I usually use Facetime or Skype to set up a meeting and get some face to face time with them. If that is not possible, as long as I have all the info in the booking form, and an email with any out of the ordinary photos listed, that will suffice.
Q: I’d like to setup a meeting and see more of your work in person, how do we go about this?
A: Drop me an email: Contact page, or drop me a line: +353 86 403 4694

Q: How & when do we get to see our photos after the wedding?
A: Once all the editing has been done to the best choices from the day, it is uploaded to a secure, password protected gallery ready for viewing. Usually within 2 weeks from the wedding day. You will receive an email with all the info on how to log in with your password to purchase prints and sharing with friends and family.
Q: When will we receive our photo Disc?
A: The disc is ready at the same time when the gallery goes live and can be collected at your earliest convenience. If it needs to be posted out, let me know and this can be arranged. Postage costs apply for this option.
Q: How long does it take to get our prints?
A: The turnaround time is usually around 1 week, however in the high season (June-Sep) this can extend to 2 weeks.
Q: Do you provide a framing service?
A: Yes, I have a framer that takes care of all my framing with plenty of options to customize it to your needs.
Q: How long does it take to get our signature board?
A: At the end of the wedding evening, I take the board with me to be completed. The chosen print is mounted and sealed up by my framer. This process is usually around 2 weeks.

Q: Do we get to see every photo you took on the day?
A: No, that would be tedious to yourselves. I eliminate every shot that doesn’t meet my standards, i.e. shots that are out of focus, bad expressions, closed eyes and shots that are generally not flattering to the couple. During the day there are moments that I would take a few shots in a burst to make sure I can get the best shot when narrowing down my selections, these duplicates are no use to anyone once the best shot is selected.
Q: How many photos will we get?
A: Every wedding I cover is different so there is no set amount. I aim to deliver 250-280 for a short wedding and 300-400 for a full day.
Q: Are the photos edited?
A: Yes. The photos are edited to correct the colour balance, levels, contrast and removal of anything that I deem distracting to the image I am trying to capture.
Q: Do you provide videography packages?
A: Yes. I have a partner that takes care of the video side of things for me, info on this can be found on my Pricing/Packages page
Q: Will you be shooting my wedding? What if you fall ill or unable to cover our wedding?
A: Absolutely. If you book me you get me. If in the unfortunate event that something happens beyond my control and cannot cover the wedding, I have a number of trusted photographers I can call on. I try to keep our styles as close as possible.
Q: Do you work alone, what if we need a second photographer?
A: Most of the weddings covered I work alone unless a Photo/Video combo is booked. I have a number of photographers who help me as second shooters if needed by couples, extra charges for this apply.
Q: What if you have never photographed my Venue before?
A: At this stage of my career I have photographed many locations. If I have never shot a location before, I do my research online to see what is available to me. I also aim to get to the venue early to scout locations I’d like to use for the photo sessions.
Q: Do you cover destination weddings? Are there any additional fees?
A: Absolutely!! I have covered weddings in South Africa, Netherlands, Spain, Poland and the UK to name a few. I try to keep the travel and accommodation costs down to a minimum.

Q: How many pages and images do we get with our wedding day album?
A: The albums I supply start with 40 pages and include 80 photos.
Q: Can I add more pages and images to my album?
A: Yes of course. A production cost is added for each page added. For every 4 extra images added 1 double page spread is added to the album.
Q: Do we get to view the album design before it gets printed and make changes?
A: Absolutely! Once the design is completed, you will receive an email with log-in details to flip through the virtual album. There is an area for comments if any changes are to be made to the design.
Q: How long does it take to get our album?
A: Once the client approves the design it is sent directly to the lab for printing. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for me to receive the completed album.

Q: What size can we print our photos up to from the disc?
A: The photos can be printed up to 10×8 quite easily. Anything larger than that it would be best to let the professional lab I use to print it. I have tested a few high street labs and found results weren’t what I expected. On the gallery, I offer a very competitive rate for ordering wedding prints.
Q: What rights do I have to the digital prints?
A: You can print and share your photos freely without restriction. You are however not allowed to sell any on to a third party without written consent from Holst Photography.
Q: Do you provide the RAW files from my engagement session and/or wedding day?
A: RAW files are unprocessed images which still need editing. These are not supplied with standard packages.

Q: Are our images backed up?
A: Yes. I keep a secure copy on a Raid backup system, these can be called on for duplicate copies.
Q: We have lost our images, what do we do?
A: Don’t stress, I have a backup copy. There is a €50 replacement charge for an extra disc of images.

Q: Do you offer any other types of photography?
A: Yes, my studio caters to a range of clients for Portraits, photo shoots, and various other Commercial Imaging.
Q: Do you cover any events?
A: Yes. I have covered awards ceremonies, Confirmations, Communions, Christenings and Corporate events.