Clients: Portrait & Event

Clients 1 Holstphoto
Google booked me to photograph portraits and talks during their Elevate event in their Grand Canal Headquarters.
Clients 3 Holstphoto
For Glaxo Smith Kline we were hired to photograph head shots of the staff which they could then use in monthly reports and internal media.
Clients 5 Holstphoto
GS1 Standards are the industry leader of bar coding. Covered the 3 day event
Clients 7 Holstphoto
We were hired in by an events company on behalf of Honda to photograph their quarterly meeting along with a dinner event at Guinness Store House.
Clients 9 Holstphoto
Barretstown run their winter festival each year and asked me to take photos at the event.
Clients 11 Holstphoto
Mogi Group Ireland is a gaming company that started in Benelux. Their office in Dublin hired us to shoot images for their online profiles.
Clients 13 Holstphoto
Connect Ireland held a fun run in conjunction with Dublin City Marathon. Guests included, Jimmy Deenihan & Sonia O’Sullivan.
Clients 15 Holstphoto
TJ o Mahony were the sponsors of a few local GAA teams in Dublin and created a few events.We photographed the kids and the sponsors on the field.
Clients 17 Holstphoto
Movidius make the video chips in mobile phone. They needed us to do head shots of various management members for their website.
Clients 19 Holstphoto
Jazz Pharmaceuticals needed photographs at their quarterly meeting of groups, individuals and some interior photographs of their offices.
Clients 21 Holstphoto
Cahill May Roberts, a pharmaceutical company had their annual awards evening and hired us to photograph the evenings festivities.
Clients 23 Holstphoto
Telecity needed head shots of various members of their team based in Citywest Dublin, Ireland. All shot on White Backgrounds.
Clients 25 Holstphoto
Q-Wise hired us in as one of our first commercial shoots to do head shots of various members for their annual report.
Clients 27 Holstphoto
We did BNI Marketwest members head shots for their profile pages .
Clients 29 Holstphoto
Eni Insurance were updating their security badges and needed high quality head shots
Clients 31 Holstphoto
KDB hired us in to photograph their staff in an outdoor environment along with a few photos inside with images of the building for a report.
Clients 33 Holstphoto
D&B hired us in when it was their 1st year back in Ireland. We did head shots, a group photo which ended up as a 80 inch print in their reception area.
Clients 35 Holstphoto
MMI were giving presentations on medical break throughs and wanted the talks documented. Rugby Legend Tony Ward was guest speaker.
Clients 37 Holstphoto
Syscomm required a few head shots and groups shot of their staff to be done on a high key white back ground.
Clients 39 Holstphoto
Archer is a recruitment agency in the IT, sales & multilingual sector. We did head shots for them of their staff for their website profiles.
Clients 41 Holstphoto
Skillsoft hired us to photograph a project for a manual handling and safety course within the commercial kitchens to be marketed in UK.
Clients 43 Holstphoto
Hidden hearing were looking for website images of their Audiologist for their website and marketing materials. All photos taken on sight.
Clients 45 Holstphoto
Stoneturn, a Ireland, UK & USA based company had their annual meeting and fun day out. We photographed head shots, and activities around Dublin.
Clients 47 Holstphoto
Careplus Pharmacy were looking for Head Shots
Clients 49 Holstphoto
Matrix Recruitment were celebrating 10 years and were looking for promotional images for media.
Clients 51 Holstphoto
Valiance Partners had setup a new office and wanted images of staff and interiors
Clients 53 Holstphoto
We have done a few photo/video shoots for The Joint Chiropractic clinic. Head shots and video clips of some of their tables and machines.
Clients 55 Holstphoto
Wedding Journal Online were looking for a photographer to cover the fashion show during the trade show
Clients 57 Holstphoto
The Mayo Association in Dublin booked me to photograph their annual event dinner.
Clients 59 Holstphoto
RTE launched a new TV series of which 6 contestants hosted an event day on which they were judged. We shot the still images for the winning couples.

Clients: Product Photography

Clients 61 Holstphoto
Hickeys Home Focus needed their whole catalogue of haberdashery items photographed for their online shop. This was all done on white background.
Clients 63 Holstphoto
We have worked with Promozoo on various projects. We shoot mostly product photos for catalogues and website images for their campaigns.
Clients 65 Holstphoto
We have worked with Create on various projects. We have shot various interior and portraits photos for them for various clients campaigns.
Clients 67 Holstphoto
Bedra is a Jewellery company with headquarters in Germany. We re-shot their catalogue of jewellery for catalogue redesign.
Clients 69 Holstphoto
Tocana needed a variety of images for their website, ranging from people photos, products as well as a video clip of their machinery in action.
Clients 71 Holstphoto
Fussy Peacock needed high-end Web images of their amazing floral designs which included various flowers along with feathers for an organic feel.
Clients 73 Holstphoto
The shoot for Niamh Garry Designs included modelling photos of the various different items she had designed and needed catalogue images.
Clients 75 Holstphoto
Friends of Breastfeeding Ireland launched a campaign to raise awareness for the benefits of breastfeeding. We photographed the campaign images
Clients 77 Holstphoto
Nike were looking for images of their range of runners and clothing displays in Lifestyle Sports store
Clients 79 Holstphoto
Coco Bo had recently opened their store on O’Connell street and were looking for product images.
Clients 81 Holstphoto
Apple Green were looking for photos of petrol pumps at their brand new location.

Clients: Interior Photography

Clients 83 Holstphoto
Killeen castle were looking to sell many of the properties on their grounds and hired us in to photograph the interiors of the luxury homes.
Clients 85 Holstphoto
Portobello Hotel hired us in to photograph their bar area, as well as the interiors of common spaces and their rooms & accommodation.
Clients 87 Holstphoto
Green Oak hardwood floors had just completed a project in a luxury home in Killiney, Dublin and wanted high end images of the new floor.
Clients 89 Holstphoto
Harvey Healthcare were updating their website and needed images of their staff along with interior photos of all their Care homes in Dublin.
Clients 91 Holstphoto
Brigada Property services were a letting agency that needed images of newly refurbished properties/apartments for their website.
Clients 93 Holstphoto
Kingswood Hotel were looking for interior photos of their newly renovated Wedding reception room & Food Photography for their menu



We have worked with Viv @ Holst Photography since 2012 on a wide range of projects including product and people shots. He is a true professional, knows his stuff, works great with our clients often on site and we would recommend his services highly. – Collaborating on various commercial & creative projects.


As a branding agency, we need to set the highest standards for our clients, and having one of the best photographers in Ireland involved has clearly enhanced our reputation. We are delighted to recommend Viv – his eye for detail and ability to add value during photo-shoots is second to none.

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