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Having the right Product photography can make or break your campaign to sell your products.

  • When our clients hire us to handle their product photos, we gather some info first to plan the photo shoot.
  • What lighting is needed?
  • What kind of background is needed to best show off the product according to where the photos will be used ie. Catalog or online (Amazon shop, etc).
  • Will the product have a reflective surface which will require special attention when photographing them.
  • Is a neutral background needed, luxurious or high key white background?

Once established we can best quote according to how much work is put in to photograph the product. High-End items such as jewelry require more attention to detail, as clients of these kinds of retailers are more discerning when spending on these types of products.

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About the Author:

Viv is a Professional Photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. He specializes in capturing awesome photos for clients at Weddings, Portrait sessions and Brands (Big and Small) on Commercial photo shoots.