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D&B (NYSE:DNB) is the world’s leading source of business information and insight, enabling companies to Decide with Confidence® since 1841. D&B’s global commercial database contains in excess of 180 million business records. More than 100,000 companies rely on D&B to provide the insight they need to help build profitable, quality business relationships with their customers, suppliers and business partners.
In May 2010, D&B established a Centre of Excellence for Technology, Data and Operations and as a sales organization in Dublin, Ireland. At present we have in excess of 160 team members and this number is growing every day.

TelecityGroup is Europe’s industry-leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centres. We specialise in the design, build and management of highly-connected, resilient and secure environments for customers to house their telecoms, internet and IT infrastructure.

FriendsofBreastfeeding Ireland ‘The focus of Friends of Breastfeeding is to foster a positive breastfeeding culture in Ireland, in raising awareness about breastfeeding support options and dispelling myths surrounding it.’

Kileen Castle For over eight hundred years, Killeen Castle has stood as a silent sentinel in the heart of Royal Meath, ancient home to the High Kings of Ireland. Host to the Solheim Cup September 23rd – 25th. 

Qwise Nebula Qwise of the new dimension in cloud computing . With a new philosophy: an ICT environment that is fully tailored to your organization, you advance without having to invest. With Qwise Nebula Worqspace your employees can work anywhere. In a safe, reliable and low, predictable cost.

Tocana manufactures finished and semi-finished plastic products. Since then it has worked with an enormous variety of plastics from thin gauge films to heavy gauge plate.

Niamh Garry Fashions is now based in Drogheda, Co.Louth and has establised the Niamh Garry Womenswear label, which will be in stores in late 2011.

BNI Marketwest  Are a group of business professionals who are committed to success through the development of word-of-mouth referrals. We are members of the Market west group of Business Network International (BNI) and we meet once a week to learn about each others services.

Cayhill May Roberts Combining CMR and Uniphar creates an Irish-run and pharmacist-owned business with a greatly enhanced customer base, the best national reach and the most sophisticated fulfilment and delivery network in the county, putting the Uniphar Group in a stronger position to better serve the pharmacy sector in Ireland.

Fussy Peacock Designs Specialising in flowers for Events and Wedding Flowers, Fussy Peacock is very much a people driven business.  In Melanie’s own words, “I love working with people and I love working with flowers.  For me there is nothing more enjoyable than working with clients to realise their ideas and dreams.  Most importantly I like to bring some of their personality into my work.”

GSK – Glaxo Smith Kline (IRL)  The world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Headquartered in the UK, we are a global organisation with offices in over 100 countries and major research centres in the UK, USA, Belgium and China.

Green Oak Hardwood floors Provide our clients with the very best of quality flooring, and also maintain a high level of service to each and every customer. Green Oak Hardwood Floors – serving areas in South Dublin and all other parts of Leinster to both residential and commercial customers

Promozoo Promozoo is a total solutions agency – with jargon free digital marketing at the core of our client marketing strategies. Return on Investment focused, we are constantly pushing boundaries and getting results. Our success is down to a great team of marketing & creative people, innovative thinking and lots of hard work.

Movidius Mobile imaging, video and vision experiences, highly critical to the end user, are set to be revolutionized in the coming years. This revolution is mainly driven by the needs of software platform owners to introduce massively disruptive application functionality and means of differentiation. Every week three socially incompatible couples compete to show each other the ultimate ‘Big Night Out’.

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