The second wedding at Mount Wolseley hotel in the same week, a good week indeed! Sinead and the girls were almost finished hair and makeup when I arrived.

I decided to catch up with the lads getting ready first, as they were just a few doors down in the hotel. With banter flying about the mood was jovial amongst the men.

I grabbed a few detail shots of cufflinks, ties etc and a few of the gentlemen interacting before heading over to the bridal suite to catch up with Sinead and the girls.

The gown was hanging over the bed already, with some nice lighting on it, so grabbed a few shots, and arranged the shoes with flowers for my last detail shot.

From then on it was just capturing everyone with candid style, while helping Sinead into the wedding dress.

I headed down to the ceremony room downstairs to see the layout and where I would be taking photos from. Matt from First look video (video clip has few shots of me in it 🙂 )was on board again today to handle video side of things.

We moved together when Sinead made her way down to the bridal car the would bring her to the front door of the venue for the civil ceremony to begin. The room was lowly lit, so using a high ISO – camera sensitivity I was able to get away with using only minimal amount of flash, but I never point flash at couples, preventing them blindness on their day 🙂

The ceremony was short and sweet with a lovely poem read by Sinead’s friend.

With the end of the ceremony, guests were allowed to mingle as we gathered the families and bridal party for the photos. The couple and I quickly shot off to do the cake cutting shots, before returning to the groups who were all given golf buggies to travel to the main gardens for the photo shoot.

The gardens are impressive, with lovely vegetation and a gazebo to use in the photos. We spent probably around 30-45 minutes getting the shots as it was a nice and compact area to work in with loads of options.

Having got the shots I needed we called it a wrap and headed back to the reception to join the guests.

Dinner bell sounded the end of my day and the feast for hungry guests.

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