A last minute wedding last month was a welcome surprise after hearing it was going to be at the lovely Ballymagarvey village in Co.Meath.


The day started out in Skerries, with the lovely soft weather. The Brides family were all booked into 1 residence so the house was a buzz with the atmosphere on the morning.

The whole house was a bustle with people getting ready in every room, fixing this, wrapping that, a really well-orchestrated piece of bridal engineering.

The room upstairs was used by the bride herself, and bridesmaid to get ready. Once all the detail shots were taken care of, the bride moved towards the large window where the best light was, to create a nice bit of mood and directional light the emphasize the textures in the dress more. It’s a favourite technique of mine, especially when converted to black & white.


The ceremony was just 2 minutes away at St Patrick’s Parish with the interior that was just perfect for their wedding. Beautiful natural light filling the space made for some lovely natural photos.

The church had a nice mix of old architecture with a hint of modernism, linking the old world with the new, a nice juxtaposition for the wedding photos. With all the vows and rings exchanged, the newlyweds made their way to the exit to greet their guests.


We then moved on to Ballymagarvey village out in Co.Meath. The venue is great for creating that intimate, private atmosphere for a wedding day, with all the staff creating a very professional look.

The grounds have a classic look to them with a real aged beauty about it. The guests felt at ease and relaxed throughout the afternoon.

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